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Legionella Control

We have evaluated all the methods used for controlling
Legionella in water distribution systems.  This work
has been published in major medical, microbiology and infection
control journals.  Our research on the most commonly applied
technologies (copper-silver ionization, chlorine dioxide and
ultra-violet (UV) light) serves to inform decision makers of the
important facts about efficacy, cost, operation and maintenance of
disinfection systems.  Our most recent work includes novel
application of existing methods and a new monochloramine generation
system for disinfection of building hot water systems.

We have also evaluated water treatment approaches for controlling
Legionella in evaporative cooling systems (cooling
towers). In model water systems designed and constructed at the
University of Pittsburgh, we tested various chemical biocides for
efficacy against Legionella.  In a study supported by
the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and
Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), we evaluated the efficacy of
non-chemical water treatment devices to control microbiological
fouling.  The report, ASHRAE (RP-1361): Biological Control in Cooling
Water Systems Using Non-­Chemical Treatment Devices
, is
available at ASHRAE RP. To recieve a copy of the study published in
ASHRAE’s HVAC Journal, please contact us.