Publications researchers have published more than 200 peer-review articles on Legionnaires' disease and 13 book chapters on Legionella, collectively. We author Legionella chapters in Gorbach's Infectious Diseases, Mayhall's Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Block's Disinfection, Sterilization and Preservation,, and most importantly the Legionella chapter in the bible of microbiology, the ASM Manual of Clinical Microbiology. Our publications have appeared numerous professional journals and we have served on the editorial boards for Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology and an editorial reviewer for International Journal of Environmental Health, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Water Research, and numerous medical journals. publications contain articles from the medical peer-review literature, which are available online including: Clinical Manifestations of Legionnaires' Disease, Disinfection of Legionella in Water Distribution Systems, Laboratory Diagnosis of Legionnaires' Disease, Antibiotic Therapy of Legionnaires' Disease, Epidemiology, Mode of Transmission of Legionnaires' Disease, Environmental Source of Legionella, Other Legionella Species including Pittsburgh Pneumonia Agent (Lmicdadei).

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