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Testing water for the presence of Legionella bacteria is reliably accomplished by culture in an accredited microbiology laboratory using well-characterized and validated methods. The most pathogenic (disease-causing) strain of Legionella bacteria is Legionella pneumophila group.

  • Fast, Easy, and Affordable
  • ASHRAE 188 and CMS Compliant
  • No Legionella or ASHRAE expertise required
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Water Management Software



Enter your information and get an automatically generated diagram! Map how water flows through your facility’s water systems, identify Legionella control locations, and add diagrams to ASHRAE 188 water management plans. Easily export report date to fulfill document requirements.

  • Easy to Use
  • Fulfills ASHRAE 188 Section 6.2.3
  • Collaborate with Water Management Team
  • Report Ready Diagrams and Data

ASSE 12080 Certification Training

Get certified to the ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI 12080 Standard: Professional Qualifications Standard for Legionella Water Safety and Management Personnel. 

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Learn from foremost Legionella expert, Dr. Janet E. Stout. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), leaders in education in conjunction with Special Pathogens Technology (SPT), and Special Pathogens Laboratory, experts in Legionella, have partnered to offer the most effective training and certification. 

  • 3 Day, LIVE, Virtual Training
  • ASSE Exam Fee ($135 value)
  • FREE Legionella Guidebook ($350 value)
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning and Networking
  • CEUs: 24 IAPMO CEUs (transfer to your organization)19 ASHE CEUs; 6 AWT CEUs
  • Box Study Aids keep you informed and engaged!
  • No Wait Exam
  • Ongoing Supplemental Resources

Puzzled by® Legionella

Written by The Legionella Experts®

The Ultimate Legionella Resource and Study Guide

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Puzzled by® Legionella is ideal for professionals preparing for the ASSE 12080 exam, instructors, and students. This guide is accessible and practical, filled with tips, myth-facts, and practice quizzes.

  • Officially Recognized by ASSE
  • Provides Foundational Knowledge to Understand and Control Legionella

Puzzled by®Legionella Webinars

Written by The Legionella Experts®

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Laboratory to deliver Puzzled by® Legionella Wednesday webinar series. Offered every other Wednesday at noon EST, in addition to presentations froms Dr. Janet Stout, we feature speakers from all aspects of Legionella water management, including other waterborne pathogns. Get your questions answered during live Q&A after each presentation!