What is the risk of contracting Legionella from using dormant water in the shower?

You mentioned on the website that showers are not a source of transmission. Is this true even if the bathroom steams up? Sort of confused about what constitutes “aerosolization”. Asking because we are only in the cabin on weekends and want to know if the shower is a risk (we have a UV system to disinfect the water and a regular hot water tank), but sometimes aren’t there for a few weeks.

Dormant and unused warm water systems could harbor Legionella especially if water temperatures are not hot enough. Here is an article that we published on residential water systems for your interest Legionella pneumophila in residential water supplies: environmental surveillance with clinical assessment for Legionnaires’ disease .
Showering was disproportionately emphasized as a route of transmission for Legionella– especially in hospitals. Here is another article that showed showering was not a risk Nosocomial, Legionnaires’ Disease: Aspiration as a Primary Mode of Disease Acquisition .