Temperature of water supply to the shower?

I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and have a lowered immune system, so i have a scenario and question.

I live in a new council apartment in West Yorkshire and my water temperature is limited through the taps and shower. My kitchen tap is 45.8°C, the bathroom tap is 43.6°C, and the shower is 39.8°C. The shower is what really concerns me but the council just will not agree to raising the temp. I have a Potterton Pro Max Combi-boiler and obviously don’t have any water storage but this is my concern and I would like your opinion please.

My concern is that even though water temp through to the shower control unit is probably around 43.6°C from the Thermostatic mixing valve it only then produces the 39.8°C water which is the ideal temp for Legionella to thrive. My point has been two fold. When I go on respite for 4 weeks, because of the low temp it becomes a possibility that Legionella can breed and infect me. Then because the temp will NEVER be hot enough to kill off any bacteria it will just grow and grow.

Am I correct in making this assumption? I just have to be ultra-cautious because of my lowered immune system and something like this could be really bad for my wife and myself.


Your assumptions are not quite correct.

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Showers are not a major mode of transmission. Setting your thermostat higher may not be effective if Legionella is already in your home water supply.

A simpler more effective solution is given in the Publications.

Legionnaires’ disease contracted from patient homes: The coming of the third plague?

The solution to your question is on page 704, second to last paragraph.