Risk of Legionella in pipe to my fridge?

I am looking to install a hard water pipe to my fridge. The current supply is soft water. The pipe in place is approx. 15 feet long under concrete. If I cut and blank this pipe, is there a risk of Legionella contamination?


Rather than address your question about any added risk for the water pipe to your fridge, I merely will inform you that the risk from contracting Legionnaires’ disease in your own home is lower than the risk of contracting Legionella of any large building of greater than three stories.

First, Legionella may already be present in your home. But the percentage is very low, especially if you have a dishwasher for which the water temperature is above that for Legionella survival. Second, you and your family likely have little risk for Legionnaires’ disease if you do not smoke. Third, you are exposed to tap water containing Legionella on a daily basis since Legionella is present in many large buildings.

In the unusual circumstance that your or a family member have ever contracted Legionnaires’ disease, we would check the water supply of the home by culturing for Legionella and then advise you. In your case, the additional risk caused by installing this pipe is probably zero. In short, install your pipe to the fridge and don’t worry about it.