Recurrence of Legionnaires’ Unlikely?

I had Legionnaires’ disease in 2007 at the U of M in Michigan. Can get the disease twice?


The crawl space in my house is very damp and I am not doing so well. I am a smoker, and I have had several health problems like bicuspid aortic valve, aneurisms, and so on.

The answer to your question is uncertain. However, based on our experiences with patients (we have the largest experience worldwide), we have observed only one patient who contracted Legionnaires’ disease a second time.

If you want to minimize the the chance of recurrence, don’t worry about your damp crawl space and don’t worry about air conditioners and hot tubs; they have nothing to do with Legionnaires’ disease. This information is on our website. Instead, quit smoking!! This is the most important risk factor for Legionnaires’ disease. And smoking causes heart disease and cancer as well!