Question about Legionella?

I am a research manager for a company which produces and distributes cold water. The company has cooling tower systems in Paris. I have worked with the Legionella associated risks of these facilities for 12 years. In France, epidemiology experts have said that Legionella pneumophila is responsible for 98% of the cases of Legionellosis. They said that the facilities should control the concentration of Legionella pneumophila (instead of other species). However, in patients, the urinary detection of the disease can detect only Legionella pneumophila. This seems to be a strange conclusion. In Australia, they found that ~10% of Legionellosis is obtained by other species.


The other observation I have is that you think that it is possible to explain Legionella contamination by inhalation of Legionella from biofilms to the throat, and then it colonizes the lungs? A French person spoke about this once, and if I understand, you have issued this idea a few years ago?

In brief, we believe that the onerous regulations in France are misguided, wrong and contradicted by substantial scientific evidence.