Persistent headache following Legionnaires’ disease?

My partner nearly died from this disease some 4 months ago. She had to be aspirated and was in intensive care for 3 days. She is suffering severe migraines on a daily basis. Her doctor seems to think it is residue of the Legionnaires’. I beg to differ. I’m interested in your thoughts. It is 4 months down the track and she is plagued by these pounding headaches. She has never been a sufferer of headaches before. Are headaches (chronic) on a daily basis a part of Legionnaires’?

Although headaches are common during the onset of Legionnaires’ disease, we have never encountered a patient with persistent headache months following recovery. Neurologic complications have occurred in patients who recovered, but this is rare. She should be seen by a neurologist to investigate other causes. We would be interested in follow up as to what the final diagnosis or solution was.