My blood test is positive for Legionella – What does this mean?

I got ill like this last year from Feb. to Oct., I went to an Infectious Disease physician, and a Pulmonary specialist, had a spinal tap also, and no one could figure it out. The symptoms subsided, and I was able to function, but never really felt 100% well. I started feeling really crummy again, and my physician took 8 tubes of blood within a week, and it came back positive for Legionnaire’s disease. My physician told me it’s really only fatal in old people or if you immune system is compromised. I’ve been on Tequin for 10 days, and it didn’t work, I actually feel a little bit worse. I’m just finishing my second 5 day Z-pak. I still feel pretty awful, and I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get over this! My question is, is what kind of antibiotics should I be taking, what strength, and for how long? Last year I took Ketek, Biaxin, and it didn’t help.

The blood test means that you have been exposed to Legionella, but you probably do not have Legionnaires’ disease now. Legionnaires’ disease is pneumonia. Ketek, Biaxin, Tequin and Z-pak are highly effective against Legionella, so you need no further antibiotic therapy.

You may have a chronic fatigue-like syndrome associated with a past infection and it may be prolonged for about a year. Our recommendations are that you must try, no matter how difficult, to be active at home and work. You should get more exercise, not less. You should follow a healthy diet, and quit smoking. If you are overweight, lose weight. No more antibiotics are warranted. Our recommendations must be validated by your physician since we have insufficient information and have not examined you.