Legionella was found in the tanks underneath the swimming pool.

I work in a leisure centre which has just been shut to the public because they have found Legionella in the tanks underneath the swimming pool. We have been told that the staff can stay in the building and work because it is not in the water supply e.g. showers etc. Nobody at work is convinced and we feel we should not be in the building. Can you tell us if it is safe as we are concerned for our health?


The information given above is inadequate to answer your question. Who frequents the leisure center and has a case of Legionnaires’ disease occurred in this center? Assuming that the patrons of the leisure center are the general population and that a case has not occurred, it is probably safe to enter and work in the building. It also may be safe for the public. Legionella poses the greatest risk to patients with risk factors such as smoking, who may be exposed to contaminated drinking water.