Legionella species other than L. pneumophila in our hospital water supply?

We perform environmental testing for Legionella in our hospital water supply. If Legionella that fluoresces under UV light (bozemanii, gomanii, dumoffii, anisa, cherri, steigerwalti, gratiana, tucsonensis, parisiensis, rubrilucens, and erythra) are found, should the water system be disinfected? Is there any relationship between these species and infection to humans?

In general, if no cases of Legionella have been discovered due to these non-pneumophila species, you do not need to disinfect. If cases due to these species are found, disinfection should be initiated if two (2) conditions are both fulfilled:

1) Immunosuppressed hosts especially transplant patients are being hospitalized at your facility

2) Distal site positivity is >30% for that Legionella species.