Legionella in compressed air systems?

Is it possible to contract Legionnaires’ disease via a compressed air system? We don’t humidify the air but since we use it as oxygen (for breathing connected to mask, etc.), the humidity is at about 85% RH at about 22 degrees Celsius. When the air is distributed some water can appear on the way to the consumers. This water is condensate when the pipes gets cold. So what, I wonder is, is it possible to get a growth of Legionella bacteria within the condensed water that originally comes from air humidification? Or do you have to add water as in potable water (town’s water) to get Legionella bacteria? I hope that you can understand my question, if not please let me know so I can specify myself.

It would be extremely unusual to find  Legionella in a compressed air system. In addition, the temperature of such systems are not in the optimal growth range for  Legionella.