I had a positive Legionella test two weeks ago but have no received antibiotics.

I was quite ill about four weeks ago with fever chills fatigue and cough, now I am left with cough, sweats and fatigue but have not yet had antibiotics. I feel a lot better than I did. However, could Legionnaires flare up to make me ill again before my doctor starts me on antibiotics. I had the blood test two weeks ago which showed positive and I’m to have another blood test soon?



The information that you have provided is insufficient to answer your question. Legionnaires’ disease (LD) is pneumonia. To address the issue of antibiotics, your chest x-ray should show evidence of pneumonia. If the chest x-ray shows pneumonia, then antibiotic therapy including quinolones (levofloxacin) or macrolides (azithromycin) are highly effective. If the chest x-ray does not show pneumonia, then you may not have active Legionnaires’ disease at the current time and your physician must use his clinical judgment as to the interpretation of the blood test. Another test that is more specific (medical term) is the Binax urinary antigen which may assist your physician in deciding whether you should be treated for Legionnaires’ disease. Please refer your physician to our website, www.legionella.org.