Diarrhea may be due to antibiotics?

I was discharged from hospital after suffering from a Legionella infection. I was prescribed with Levofloxacin which I took for four months. I have had all the expected after effects of the illness such as fatigue, lack of concentration, appetite loss, nausea, etc. Over the past few days I have found that my bowel has become looser. Is this is an after effect of the condition? Could it be due to the fact that I am now eating more than I was initially? The drastic gastro-intestinal effects which heralded the illness make me concerned that it is returning. 

For most patients, a 10 – 14 day course of levofloxacin is sufficient. Levofloxacin beyond that time may cause diarrhea, and if this is occurring, you should stop the levofloxacin and contact your physician for further instructions. He can be informed about my reply to you. The diagnosis to be ruled out is called C difficile colitis.