Chlorine for disinfection of a hospital?

We are trying to put together a quick estimate on what it will cost to upgrade our water system to combat Legionella growth. One of the methods being investigated is the use of a disinfection systemfor the treatment of water coming into the hospital.I found a publication on your site from 2011 that provided some estimated costs for different systems, but there was no cost listed for a system using chlorine. We are just looking for a ballpark figure, but I have no idea if this would be a few thousands or a few hundred thousands. Could you give me a rough estimate on what it would cost to get a system installed at a 250 bed hospital and a 190 bed nursing home?

Chlorination should not be used as long term disinfection for two reasons:

1) Lack of efficacy and corrosion of the water distribution system longterm.

2) Moreover, carcinogens are being added to drinking water.

The Pittsburgh VA installed a chlorination system in November 2012 with disastrous results – failure to eradicate Legionella and corrosion within three months.

The 2011 publication (Lin 2011) you reviewed on our site is the a great source reviewing disinfection options. Before deciding on a disinfection modality, you should survey the water supply of the hospital and nursing home to ascertain whether Legionella is present in >30% of the water sites. If it is not, we would not recommend installation of a disinfection system. Other less expensive options are available. Our lab (Special Pathogens Laboratory) performs environmental water cultures for numerous VA facilities and could do so for yours as well.