Can mold be a precipitating factor for Legionnaires’ disease?

I had a severe asthma attack at work yesterday. The air conditioning system was not used during the summer months throughout the classrooms. The remodeled building was made for air conditioning therefore many areas are closed off to the outside and there are no windows. I was in such a room for 6 hours. I spoke with the janitors about the possibility of a mold problem because that was what triggers my asthma. They told me that they have been chasing after mold on pipes that carry the cool air into the building all summer. The mold keeps returning on pipes and blower units. One janitor told me that the mold looks like moss hanging from a tree…hanging on a pipe. They have brought in an outside firm to wipe down the pipes. School starts in a few days. Could this scenario be a breeding ground for Legionella? What do I need to look for when I get into my classroom?


The scenario that you describe is not likely to include Legionella as a risk to healthy students and teachers. As is described elsewhere, air conditioners are not likely disseminators of Legionella. Legionnaires’ disease has not been linked to mold contamination.