Can I get Legionnaires’ disease from using a hot tub?

We have an inflatable hot tub that we filled up with a hose. Ran and used it for 5 days at 104 degrees. Did not realize that this disease existed. Did not have chlorine in the water. What is the likelihood that we have been exposed or will develop illness? Our family of 8 has used it daily. Most days without the bubbles going if that affects the possibility.

You describe a hot tub that is used intermittently and sometimes without chemical treatment. Typically, hot tubs would be treated with either chlorine or bromine to reduce bacterial growth (particularly Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa). The practice of intermittent use and no disinfectant would increase the risk of bacterial growth in the hot tub and thereby increase the chances of infection after use. For Pseudomonas skin infection (folliculitis), symptoms would occur soon after use (2-4 days). For Legionella, symptoms of respiratory infection can begin in 2-10 days after exposure.